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chuck brown, the father of go-go, dead at the age of 75. ahead, a look back at his life and the worldwide reaction to his passing. good morning, everyone, and welcome to "news 4 today." today might be the perfect day. as we take a look sup it goiks to be a delightful day today. enjoy. we had a front come through overnight just with a few clouds. it shifted our wind into the north and that brought in somewhat cooler weather as we got into the 80s. yesterday. it dropped down into the 50s. that's most of the mountain region. shenandoah valley and areas to the west and north of washington. that includes the counties. mid-60s in washington now. all this area in the lighter gre green. it jea it's generally in the 60s. now, hometown forecast for leesburg, loudoun county, night the 50s there now and by noontime should be in the 60s with a few clouds about. peek near 70 by the afternoon thflt time tomorrow morning all the way whack down the 40s. a chilly start to friday. we'll look at your day planner in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic now? >> not looking very nicely at auchl
. ♪ >>> a final tribute. chuck brown fans honoring the good father of go-go in -- the godfather of go-go in a place that could not be more fitting. good morning, welcome to "news4 today," i'm eun yang. >> good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. 6:00 a.m. straight up, 3 degrees outside our studios. the sun is up, and we'll see heat gaenagain, tom, pushing th heat index into the 90s? >> a mini heat wave. this is the end of it. we'll get a nice break tomorrow. between now and then, we'll have to pay for that break in the form some strong thunderstorms that may be developing later today. not now. the latest view, we have a clear start, a beautiful morning underway. the birds are chirping so hard, they're wincing. i was just outside, and the morning is off to a pleasant start temperaturewise, too. it's a comfortable morning now. if you do absolutely have to get in your exercise, do it over the next few hours. and right now, in the 70s. we'll hold steady in the 70s throughout much of the morning. by late morning, it will be near 80. then mid 80s by noontime. during the afternoon, here's your day
to music icon. everything you need to know about chuck brown's public memorial. good morning to you. welcome to "news 4 today." ty i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. as you take a live look outside, 68 degrees. the sun is up and it's going to lead tom kierein to a beautiful day. >> gorgeous day under way. the birds are chirping. the air is cool and fresh. the humidity is low. this is just about as good as it can get on this may morning, the final day of may. going back 12 hours ago, those were the remnants of tropical storm beryl that inleashed tonights of rain. but over the last 12 hours it quickly raced out to sea and behind that high pressure has swepts in, cleared out the sky. all these areas in light green in the 60s across maryland, delaware, and into virginia and the district and farther west, the darker green areas, that's where we're in the 50s. most of western parts of maryland and the shenandoah valley, many locations are down into the 50s this morning. so quite a few start. reagan national now is at 69 degrees. and for your day today we'll have by noontime tempera
his name is jayvon brown. he was last seen yesterday afternoon in the 1300 block of columbia road in northwest. news4's derek ward joins us live with more on the search. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we want to show you this picture again. we'll have even a better version of that for you again. the key is to get this young man's face out here as much as possible in hopes of finding him very soon. we want to show you the scene earlier this morning. police were out with dogs and remain in this neighborhood now searching. and i can tell you, you can't imagine a family's grief or just worry at not being able to find this young man. family members and friends have been out on their own doing a search. neighbors, family members walking the streets in hopes of finding young jayvon brown. he was last seen in this area of the 1300 block of columbia road at 11:00 yesterday afternoon. his family says it is not like him to go beyond the block. he usually hangs around here and plays with his friends. you can imagine the distress that they're feeling as we hear from young jayvons gra
paid suleman brown, a minor mayoral candidate, who claims the campaign paid him to attack then-mayor fenty. he funneled at least $2,800 it brown. >>> today george allen will try to solidify his spot as gop front-runner for virginia's open senate seat in the final debate. the former governor will try to beat out three other contenders in the june 12 primary. allen is trying to win back the seat he lost to jim webb six weeks ago. he will face former governor tim kaine, running unopposed. >>> how much of an impact is president obama having on efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in maryland? check out the results of a new public policy poll. according to the poll, 57% of likely voters in maryland say they'll vote in favor of same-sex marriage if the issue makes it on to november's ballot. 37% of likely voter say they're against making the marriages legal. that's 20% -- 20-point margin was just 12 points in march. pollsters say the shift was almost entirely due to a change in attitude by african-american voters. >>> maryland lawmakers may have to wait until next year to decide whe
. >>> this morning, police in prince george's county are calling a 76-year-old man's death suspicious. benjamin brown was found dead inside his seat pleasant home friday. his car, a blue cheverolet caprice is, missing. the home is secured with window bars and an alarm system. neighbors fear brown was taken advantage of by someone he let into his home. >> he didn't bother anybody. that man sat on his porch, drank his coffee or water, whatever he had to do, didn't ever bother anybody. >> police are still awaiting the results of brown's autopsy. >>> the votes are in, and it wasn't close. conservative voters rallied to pass an amendment to ban gay marriage. we have more on this issue that's heating up again, melissa. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you. the ban won 61%-39%. opponents of the referendum begin their battle today overturn it. same-sex couples will ask for marriage licenses in wilson and durham. the start of a week-long campaign called "we do," protesting their inability to wed. state law already banned gay marriage, but the amendment will effectively seal the door on same-sex marr
of their own who was killed while working a security job. family and friends of the late trooper wesley brown will join maryland officials to dedicate a highway sign in his honor. the maryland state highway administration will put up a sign with brown's name along the beltway near the forestville barracks. the 24-year-old was shot and killed working security at the applebee's in forestville in 2010. cyril williams is serving a life sentence without parole for the death. >>> one of vincent gray's former campaign aides is facing jail time after pleading guilty for his actions during the 2010 mayoral campaign. thomas gore pled guilty to felony lying and destruction of evidence. he admitted he funneled money from gray's campaign funds to candidate suleman brown. in exchange, brown made negative campaign attacks on then-mayor adrian fenty. gore's lawyer could not say if mayor gray knew what was going on. he faces up to 18 months in prison. >>> a court ruling may keep an arlington county woman from displaying a huge mural of dogs. kim hauten owns wag more dogs. she painted a mural of pets playing o
watches in horror as his daughter takes a terrifying fall. >>> an [ shouting ] >>> chuck brown -- >> some furious fans. what started a brief protest outside the viewing for go-go legend chuck brown. >>> and a phone flub. mitt romney's campaign unveils a new capp with one glaring error. >>> good morning, everyone, welcome back to "news4 today," i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. there is rainy weather to start the morning, enough rain to make your commute very messy. tom's here to tell us if we'll see the sun at all today. tom? >>> yeah. a lot of the pavement is wet. you know what that means, that is fender-bender weather. and we have that -- much of the rain tapiering off and ending west to east. now the northern neck of virginia, heading off to the east. as the day progresses, things will be drying out. now let me show you this gorgeous photo that was send in by one of our viewers, lisa birddick. look at this exquisite pink rose with rain drops. you can post picture at facebook or nbcwashington.com. we can share them with everyone. here's where we were yesterday evening. we this showe
they got their ball back or didn't. >>> next, a colorful tribute to the late chuck brown. >>> there could be a problem with a mural painted to honor the late godfather of go-go. an artist painted an image of chuck brown at new hampshire avenues northwest. a washington city photographer saying it is a copy right violation because the mural is based on his 1992 photograph. brown died last week after battling pneumonia. >> a nice painting for sure. >> it is. nice photograph, too. hopefully they can work that out. >>> all right. we've had rain in the region, heavy rain at that. >> 11 minutes after the hour. tom kierein's in storm center 4 with the details. >>> good morning, at 6:11. a lot of rain has dissipated. we had three to four inches of rain overnight, areas in orange and yellow, flash of lightning. that occurred in fauquier, prince william, stafford counties between midnight and 3:00 a.m. as the system has moved east, we have lingering clouds, sprinkles in the northern neck of virginia. temperatures in the 60s. reagan national now at 66. we still have some low clouds around now. but la
. >>> commuting concerns. why sitting in traffic may be bad for your health. >>> new information about chuck brown's health problems. the music legend is suffering from new mexicoia. the 75-year-old has -- pneumonia. the 75-year-old has been forced to cancel or post postpone concerts since march because of health issues. his daughter is telling the "washington post" it's pneumonia. k.k. brown, who performs in her father's band, declined to provide additional details to the newspaper. >>> 6:41 the time. as we take a look outside, how would you describe that? >> wow. beautiful i'd say. and you can see the heavy clouds overhead. like to see the sunshine. meteorologist tom kierein in the storm center with the latest. >>> those clouds look ominous, but they're not producing any rain yet. we could have some of that moving in. looking at storm 4 regional radar, there is a lot of needed rain. we need it here. bring it in. it's not going to be arriving into the shenandoah valley until about maybe noon or 1:00. then later, into the metro area, there's a lot of rain, though, in the area along the ohio valley
and disruptive. williams came back with a gun killing brown outside of the restaurant. he was convicted in february. prosecutors will ask for a life sentence without parole. >>> for years he said his opinion was evolving. now he says he's ready to support same-sex marriage. >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. i had hesitated on gay marriage in part because i thought civil unions would be sufficient and i was sensitive to the fact that for a lot of people the word "marriage" was something that evokes very powerful traditions, religious beliefs, and so forth. >> the president says he reached his decision after several conversations with his own family. he said his daughters sasha and malia were very influential in his opinion. >>> the president's likely opponent in november says he still opposes same-sex marriage. presumptive gop nominee mitt romney told reporters yesterday he favors a federal constitutional amendment banning the institutions. >> i have the same view on marriage that i had when i was governor and that i've expressed many times. i believe marriage is
this morning. they're gearing up for a special concert from r&b superstar bobby brown. we'll have more on "today," back to you. >> are we going to see more dancing this morning? >> we'll have to see. i've had a couple cups of coffee. yes, i'll probably get my dance on as usual. we're trying to get the viewers to stay, so telling them that i'll be dancing is probably not the best idea. >> please. all right. nice to see you. >>> hong kong? >> off to a pleasant start for this memorial day morning, around washington. we have near 70 degrees, as well as near the bay waters. the tidal potomac. the areas in green in the 60s. that includes most of virginia, maryland, and most of west virginia. sunrise at 5:46. mostly sunny. by noontime, the mid 80s. then heat this afternoon. respect the heat. we've got a heat advisory, reaching the low 90s by mid-afternoon. it will feel like mid 90s with the heat and humidity combination. late afternoon into this evening, we could get thunderstorms popping up. danella has traffic. good morning. >>> good morning. traveling in the district, be aware. along const
owners in the district. yesterday council chairman kwame brown and ward one council member jim graham both said the city does not need to make alcohol for available. graham is chairman of the committee that oversees city alcohol sales. he says extended hours would only add to neighborhood noise and other problems. mayor vincent gray proposed changes will to raise more city revenue. the council will vote in the coming weeks. >>> in "news 4 your health" now, it is the age-old question -- should women in their 40s routinely get mammograms to detect breast cancer. two studies say yes, mammograms in your 40s have been debated due to a large number of false positives that lead to unnecessary and expensive treatments. now researchers say the lefts from receiving a mammogram every two years outweigh the risks. the studies say women with a family history of breast cancer or extremely dense breast tissue should start getting regular screening. there's a lot of information out there. can be confusing. researchers always say that women should consult with their doctor regularly to make sure they
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